Oob Sketches


Well, I finished all my recent commissions, so today I did some art for my ongoing Oubliette Second Edition game. One of these is an NPC the PCs are going to be up against eventually, the other they already know.

thorny, androgynous wood elf half-ent Themis

I’d like to polish up this one, because it seems like it’d make a really interesting painting. Good movement, unusual character design, rule of thirds, etc.

a magical girl of whooping ass

This one I’m somewhat less impressed with but it’s not bad for my work, and it’s not bad at all for the fact that I only spent like a half hour getting to this point. Maybe it’d look more pro if I cropped it in a ways.

It was fun to do some channel-point-sketches, and I think I should do those more often, possibly once a week or something.

I meant to get to one of the major villains of the story, but I didn’t make it. Maybe tomorrow.


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