Progress for an illustration for the power levels of Wasuremonogatari.


Speaking of tablets actually, it’s very easy to strain your hands and wrists using them if the settings are not right for you.

If you find yourself getting wrist pains, you want to go to your settings and adjust the tip feel so that it is softer. Most strain is caused by people putting too much…

I work on a Cintiq 12wx that’s propped up by its own bar, and that seems to be just about the right angle. I do like having it raised up a bit though.

for wa. Now with real Kanji! (except they’re not the actual Chakras, I just picked body parts that looked good.

More Wa.
Another snippet for Wa. Check it out here.
Wasuremonogatari: the open source anime & manga rpg.

JSON and hard refreshes

So, working with JSON has been fun, and quite enlightening. I think I prefer it in a general way over XML. It’d be interesting to store save data for a game that way, instead of a massive list of key-value pairs, like I usually hack together.

But today, I ran into my old friend, the annoying data cache. I appreciate that chrome (and every other browser I tried) are trying to make the experience fast, but let me update my freaking javascript from time to time, like for example when I hit refresh about five times in a row.

Anyway, a new version of the #wasuremonogatari character generator is up on the website, but if you’ve used it before, you’ll probably need to give it a good, solid hard refresh.

  • Win/Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+R
  • Win/Firefox: 
  • Win/IE: Ctrl+F5
  • Linux: F5
  • Mac: Cmd+R

Or check out