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I’ve amassed a decent sized makerspace of my own over the years, and I offer my services for small-scale maker projects, arts, and crafts.

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this section is for people who aren’t familiar with 3d printing & laser cutting.

Generally speaking, both laser cutting and 3d require a design file to be created ahead of time. Like printing a recipe on paper, you have to have the word doc first. File design isn’t included with the printing, see below.

Once we’ve figured out the design, we can determine whether the object would be best created in laser cut, resin, or filament. Laser cut objects usually start out flat, and are assembled like Ikea furniture1. 3d prints come out in a single piece, like a D&D mini or a small piece of jewelry2.

The process of printing the object usually takes a few hours. Depending on the complexity of the object, there’s often a period of trial and error to get the print or cut precisely right. I don’t charge per hour for cutting/printing, the prices for these are based on the size of the object.

Most of my work is artistic in nature, so the precise tolerances and clearances aren’t that important. If you need something to be a precise size or dimension, let me know in advance so I can make sure to tune for accuracy.

3d & 2d Design

DLP (Resin) 3d Printing

elegoo mars 2 pro

various 3d prints from elegoo mars 2 pro

Max Length Price per Part
1.5" $5
2.5" $10
3.5" $20
5" $40
6" $60

FDM (Filament) 3d Printing

creality ender 3 pro

Various FDM 3d prints from Creality Ender 3 pro

Max Length Price per Part
2" $5
3" $10
4" $20
6" $40
8" $60

Laser Cutting

OMTech K40 C02 Laser Cutter

Laser cutting uses a laser to cut intricate patterns or parts out of flat stock, usually about 3mm / 1/16" thick. I can also laser etch designs on flat objects.

various 1 2

Max Length Price per Part
1" $2
2" $4
3" $6
5" $10
7" $15
10" $20
12" $25

Getting Started

To get started, Email my task tracker here. We’ll then figure out how to get you what you need!

  1. But with less instructions! ↩︎

  2. Unless you want me to slice it into multiple pieces. Or hit it with a hammer I guess. ↩︎

  3. Failure spaghetti. ↩︎


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