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Hello, blog. Long time no see.1

I meant to make my next post about our cat Ginger2 who passed away recently at the age of 203, but we haven’t been able to do that yet. Wanted to put up some photos and stories.

ANYWAY, today, we’re going to do a list of all my hobbies, and their current status. It should be pretty entertaining. I jumped back in on a couple of things lately, and it’s caused some people to make note of my ability to be a Renaissance man.

I’ll be coming back to this list to update it from time to time. Or maybe I’ll just duplicate it so I have a record of my adventures.

Hobby Frequency / Recency Status
3d printing weekly worked on freebies for cons, still selling stuff on etsy. Printed some cool terrain. Learned I should print resin at 10 microns.
Astronomy infrequent got to do some great observing of the solar eclipse and taught a ton of astrononmy facts to folks in the field.
Board Games bimonthly Stellar was good, Ecologies is great, could go back to Civ sometime
Camping upcomming excited. New fast setup tent, new fast setup screen tent, new beds, whee.
Cosplay infrequent Dark Dragon costume looks cool, lots of bits. Star Wars sith costume is OK, but low saber practice
Dice Making weekly going well, several sets to paint pips on. Need to do a blog post to show off.
Guitar weekly mostly just tooling around, no real progress
Hunting seasonal bagged a deer this year, broke it down, processed it, and butchered it ourselves. Warm enough to go to the range for practice again now.
Leatherworking recentish trying to get back on the horse, spin up some leather carving, but lots of other stuff to do. Todo: Sporran, multitool pouch, leather armor
Lightsaber stalled haven’t practiced choreography since last year, sad. Hard to practice in the winter.
Mini Painting daily lots to do, learnging and practicing regularly, streaming is pretty good
Music Production infrequent no recent projects, but many ideas
Photography weekly does this even count? I take photos wherever we go. We did do a real photo trip to the arboretum the other week though.
Sewing recent sewed a bag, two cloaks, and dyed them, working on a hat and another cloak. Repaired and learned to use a serger we got 10 years ago.
Sketching infrequent hard to get back into the habit, need a schedule, have a new ipad to use as a sketchbook
Tabletop RPGs weekly Playing in 1, running 1, setting to run 1
Video Games biweeklyish Playing Nier Automata, Diablo 4 slowly, and Call of the Sea
Wargaming few months ago haven’t played for fun in a few months, but still taking Eradicus to cons
Woodworking monthly just turned some toggles for my bag and costume on the lathe, worked great!

  1. That seems to be the way it goes these days. ↩︎

  2. Best Cat. ↩︎

  3. that’s like 96 in people years. ↩︎


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